Of Personalized Videos and Creative Planners

Why this form of content has not become mainstream yet.

Imagine this: you walk into a restaurant you’ve never been to before, and the server greets you by name. Even before you can recover, the usher shows you a menu that only lists the food and desserts you like or have eaten before, not a roundup of random dishes. The tablecloth is of a color and design you love. When the check is served, you get a discount of 30%, something you realize the other guests have not got. Pleased (and surprised with all that personalized attention, won’t you say?

Long way to go

Content providers and marketers though are struggling with their video personalization efforts, which explains why it’s not become mainstream yet. Cost is one of the contributory factors. In fact, unlike advances made in the personalization of email, marketing brochures and flyers, and other forms of “static” content, it’s been rather slow progress on the video front.

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Unified customer view means ALL the data from ALL the touchpoints or contacts made by that lead or customer across ALL the channels like social media, emails and so on, are woven together for one complete profile of the potential prospect or customer.

Only when you get to know him or her as completely as possible will you be able to “get personal”. Can you perceive the difficulty now for the content provider?



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