The Internet is structured such that any time you visit a Website, crumbs of evidence are left behind making it possible for your information & browsing activities to be tracked or monitored. It’s very similar leaving your footprints behind while taking a walk in a swampy area. Your prints can be easily followed by any interested party.

In the case of Internet browsing, your Internet service provider has a record of which Sites you have visited. It doesn’t stop there; the government also have access to this information. Also, social media Sites & other advertisement network as well as advert…

Data is expensive so understanding how to keep data usage in check is a valuable insight. For Android users, we have a few tips & tricks that’ll go a long way to conserving your data & saving you money.

Mobile or Wi-Fi Data

The 1st thing you need to know is that many apps use data in the background on your device, all the time. Also, they use 2 different types of data, namely cellular or Wi-Fi. …

Cloud hosting is expensive; especially for small businesses or startups. Often, even traditional non-Cloud hosting is expensive since there are so many necessary add-ons to make sure your servers are secure & quick, which include securing the services of a CDN & installing an SSL certificate.

“Hostman” is a Cloud hosting provider that promises to deploy applications hosted on repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket & GitLab at the click of a button — taking care of spinning up servers, uploading Content to CDNs & serving secure pages from applications with zero user input.

One of the min features about Hostman

Heard of the “Whatifi” app? Launched globally a few days ago, Whatifi is a highly unusual and a very interesting smartphone app that, by the way, has raised US $10 million in funds. This “story hacking” app pushes the envelope where interactive content by taking it into a hitherto untested area — movies.

Imagine a group of friends and you getting together to watch a film virtually, i.e. on your respective smartphones? Only this time all of you can choose the ending you all want, or change the plot to your group’s liking.

The app “unlocks the ability to discuss…

Medium has added a “newsletter” feature to allow any publication on Medium to start a newsletter & communicate it with their subscribers directly in their inbox.

Medium has added a “newsletter” feature to allow any publication on Medium to start a newsletter & communicate it with their subscribers directly in their inbox.

Medium said on its official blog that publications can now give their newsletters a name & a description, so publications can let readers know what to expect.

Some years ago, Medium had launched “Letters” & today, with the addition of the newsletter feature, existing publications can use their…

Snackable content and its long-form counterpart have often been compared to fast food and a proper sit down meal. In debates past, some experts even dubbed snackable content as the “junk food of marketing”.

A re-cap: snackable content is bite-size pieces of content meant to tackle the pain point of shortening consumer attention spans. The aim is also to capture immediate business leads. Infographics, less than 30-sec videos, quotes, memes and GIFs are some examples.

For about 8 years now, content creators, marketers, SEO and assorted experts have been debating the promises and perils held out by these two forms…

The Internet is the single most defining invention of our generation. It’s an unlimited source of knowledge, entertainment & communication options. It’s also a source of endless, often irritating advertisements, & if you spend time Online for work or pleasure, the adverts will use your data to display products to you.

Peach Plugin, a new Chrome extension, has been developed with revolution in mind. Instead of using your data to sell products to you, they envisage paying you to engage with adverts. The more you surf using Peaches, the more you earn. …

Buying appropriate tech for your content requirements cannot be an off-the-cuff move but must be preceded by some serious planning.

For every part of content and its marketing, there are literally hundreds of pieces of software available in the market today, so choosing the one that’s most likely to serve your purpose is that much more difficult.

Because of the democratization of technology, content technology (ConTech) has become simpler, template-based, often not requiring any knowledge of coding; cheaper even. On the flipside, some are knockoffs, others are by fly-by-night operators and thus risky to buy, while some could fail at the starter’s gate, and may leave you stranded.

Except for those who have the funds, most enterprises start off building…

Content And Its Marketing In The Time Of The Virus

Marketers and brand owners often ask me in today’s time of the COVID-19 pandemic: do we need to change our messaging? When they hear the affirmative reply, the next, inevitable question is: how?

Like all of you, the unprecedented pandemic is new to me. And so is its impact on content and digital marketing. The fund crunch has forced many brands to drastically cut spending on PPC and advertising, leaving them with largely “organic” ways of reaching out to audiences.

Here are some lessons learned in the first months of the virus:

Forget the long term for now as the situation is evolving almost every day. Learn to adapt and be even…

Chances are subscribers of this newsletter may have never heard of automatic content recognition (ACR) technology. No problem. That’s why you have signed up for All About Content — the newsletter that brings you developments from the crossroads of content, digital marketing and technology.

So today, let’s catch up with what is ACR, and its various consumer-facing applications. A heads up, this edition of the newsletter is all about how content is consumed rather than created.

ACR is a complicated piece of tech at work, so I shall try to explain it as simply as possible. But believe me when…

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